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Legal malpractice is among the most complex areas of law. The plaintiff’s attorney must be able to conduct two cases at once — a case–within–a–case. The first challenge is to prove that the client’s original attorney violated the legal profession’s standard of care, and acted negligently. The second is to prove that the client would have been successful in his or her case, were it not for that negligence.

Paul Sortland is a Twin Cities attorney with extensive experience handling legal malpractice and professional negligence throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. These cases often involve missed statutes of limitations, other administrative errors, conflicts of interests, substantive error, failure to follow the law, intentional wrongdoing including fraud and theft. Paul Sortland has substantial experience in this area of law demonstrated by over 30 years of dedicated practice and successful case results.

Sortland Law Office handled a case featured in the Forbes FYI article, My Father’s Library. The article explains, in a poignant fashion, why this work is necessary.

Fighting Excessive Legal Fees

Another area in which Paul Sortland has extensive experience involves pursuing claims against members of the legal profession itself. Some large law offices and lawyers charge excessive legal fees, often by performing services inefficiently in a way that becomes too costly to the client.

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