Professional Malpractice, Injury Law and Business Disputes in Minneapolis

Find Answers to the Most Common Questions Asked at Sortland Law Office

  1. Is my personal injury case worth pursuing?
    Any time you have been seriously injured by the fault of another, sought hospitalization, or have ongoing troubles which cause you to seek the services of a health care provider, such as a chiropractor, or a medical doctor, the case should be worth pursuing. Please give Sortland Law Office, PLLC a call for an appointment. They would be glad to discuss the case with you.
  2. Do you charge me for an initial interview?
    No, attorney Paul Sortland does not charge for your initial interview. There is no charge unless you are specifically advised and you make an agreement with the office.
  3. Will you represent me on a contingency basis?
    Attorney Paul Sortland is always willing to pursue personal injury claims on a contingency basis. Other case types need to be reviewed for their difficulty and goals of the litigant. For some cases, such as legal malpractice, Paul Sortland requires the client to pay expenses. For business litigation, it may be better for you to pursue it on an hourly rate, or some sort of mixed or hybrid rate, such as a lower hourly rate, and a contingency of a certain percentage. You can discuss this, and Paul Sortland’s legal analysis, free of charge during the initial consultation.
  4. Is my legal malpractice action worth pursuing?
    Attorney Paul Sortland would be glad to talk to you about any situation where you have been harmed by the actions of your attorney or anyone else. Please keep in mind, however, that legal malpractice cases, because they involve proving up a “case-within-a-case” are substantially more expensive and difficult than other litigation. As a result, we normally do not pursue such cases unless the damages are above $75,000.00.
  5. If you pursue my business litigation on an hourly rate, what are your charges?
    Our hourly rates are significantly below those charged by most other downtown law firms, as the firm does not have an entire floor of attorneys to keep busy on your file. Much of our work, however, is done on a contingency, or on a mixed, or hybrid rate, so that your out of pocket payments are substantially less.
  6. Can I contact you directly?
    You can contact Sortland Law Office, PLLC at 612.375.0400 or through the online form. If you are a first-time caller, a legal assistant will likely obtain all of the necessary information. From this, we can usually determine whether we can be of assistance to you. It is important that you be candid and forthright with this office, so that Paul Sortland can provide you the best possible service.